Chengdu, a secondary school students to submit a deposit

scores dropped to money? Is this a routine or a management tool? This really happened in a secondary school in Chengdu, in order to allow students to ensure that academic performance does not decline, specifically for the first time margin. Let more parents confused. What exactly is it? Let’s take a look at the following text.

in addition, according to the different fees charged by the student situation is not the same, the general pay 100, not good enough to pay $200

2 17 afternoon, there are users on the Internet micro Bo said, his sister in the Middle School of Jintang County of Chengdu City Fuxing junior middle school, this semester, the class teacher asked the class to pay 100 per 200 yuan deposit, "to ensure that the study did not decline, if you make a mistake or decrease deduct money, usually pay 100. Bad management pay 200 yuan."

17 PM, the Chengdu Daily reporter rushed to the Jintang County Fuxing middle school to understand the matter. The class teacher Xiao teacher said, did receive the fee, but not the teacher asked to charge. Students are offered to pay the deposit, used to regulate the behavior of students, and in the school one by one to inform parents, parents agree."

for this matter, Jintang County Board of education responded that, at present, the teacher has been charged 2660 yuan returned to the students, the education department will further investigate the teacher, and will strictly deal with the matter.

learning it grades, going forward there will naturally decline, so we can not simply to score up or down to the charges, not only not to stimulate the students Study hard, also will let the children increase psychological burden. Later, according to the Chengdu high school teacher has returned the money to the students.

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