How to care for breast five measures to make you feel nice to be a woman _39 _ female health network

first, the normal work and rest time. The body will naturally appear aging phenomenon, but stay up late or irregular life will lead to The new supersedes the old. and blood circulation disorder, influence of female hormones, which affect breast health, thus develop regular habits, and from the stick is very beneficial to the health.

third, develop good standing, sitting posture. Many women have Hanxiong habit, not knowing this much impact on the breast, the long-term oppression of the chest down growth, easily lead to breast ptosis, should be corrected in a timely manner, and keep the correct sitting and standing upright.

fourth: breast exercise. The amount of exercise chest muscle, can put excess fat into the chest muscles, appeared even more beautiful lines in the chest. You can wear a sports bra, do simple breast movement, with both hands clasped posture, slowly move, keep the ten in the air, and then slowly to the front position, this action is repeated ten times, can effectively make the breast muscle.

fifth, regular massage. Through their own massage can relieve the tension of the breasts, breasts become more plump tall and straight, to avoid signs of sagging breasts sagging. In the massage before first coated with olive oil or lotion, massage can make more smooth, to avoid hurting skin, hands are holding the bottom of the breast gently upwards, repeated dozens of times, and then holding the breast outside to the inside, often do this action can effectively prevent breast sagging and external expansion.

second, choose the right bra. As adults, the breast is generally not too big change, but will still be due to body fat, menstrual little change at this time comes, should pay attention to change their choice of breast fitted bra, because if you wear too tight bra more than eighteen hours, will affect its lymph detoxification function, advised to go home after you can release the chest, and massage your armpit lymph node.

has a healthy breast for women is very important, so they must pay attention to breast health, breast health beautiful woman is confident of weapons, but also breast will increase with age and gradually aging, preventive measures as soon as possible, make breast more erect. According to British researchers reported that breast is one of the fastest aging body part, from the age of 35, breast fullness will begin to decline signs, prevent the aging of the breast, should as soon as possible!

breast health care, eight measures to make you feel very good woman to do

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