Entrepreneurs must have ideal thoughts and ideas of Hong Thai fund in Chengdu

venture such a topic for a lot of people have now become a growing old topic, but still want to say here, entrepreneurs need to have some good ideas and some ideal mind, which is the essential elements of entrepreneurship.

three preconditions: ideals, thoughts and ideas, first through the implementation phase of the ideal of a little bit overstating our life height; secondly through reading, learning and listening to expand our thinking width; a breakthrough is the last wish is not complacent.

three elements: the first to recognize their own, second to accumulate experience, to become the leader of third.

the following is part of speech excerpt:

I and the Hittites, two very different looks, style is also very different, is basically a text of wu. I am more air, and did not mind too much ruffian, the Hittites looks more overbearing, heart also has many domineering. We can find that personality and style are not the same people, in fact, can be together to make a lot of things. We spent half a year, the Hong Kong fund made a well-known angel investment funds, and now has invested about 60 projects, investment of about 400 million yuan.

for the majority of entrepreneurs are ideal, thought and imagination is an essential element in the whole process of entrepreneurship, three can be said to be indispensable, the Hong Thai fund in Chengdu, for local entrepreneurs, is very helpful. < / recommendation

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