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breast care must adhere to a middle course, we must be careful, look at the following injury you have done a few breast acts like


may be a problem: ductal papilloma

Anne the readme: the best love lace a lot, not only beautiful, but also a bit, feeling good in front of love but the gorgeous…… Not long after they found the breast swelling and pain, and even callous?

breast is very fragile, they can’t be treated rudely. When the breast is a shock, the small vessels in the rupture and hemorrhage and hematoma formation, after being absorbed and destroyed in the blood, it will form a cyst. In addition to being rude, proper breastfeeding and good hygiene habits are also important.

users readme: Carmen recent work under great pressure, the mood has not been very good, coupled with the character is introverted, so often feel depressed state. What is even worse is that the nipple sometimes flows out of a fluid like blood, although not very painful, but it seems to have a small lump……

kill weapon: touch, violence

breast duct papilloma in women 40 to 45 years old. The tumor is small, soft, and the pain is not obvious. Nipple bloody discharge, once the accumulation of blood discharge, most of the masses >

with all kinds of chemical fiber Lycra nylon fabric, it looks stiff and many. But too much lace, nylon material contact with skin may cause skin sensitive, and may even have a small head off into the nipple, plugging holes or entangled lactiferous ducts, causing dysgalactia or mastitis.

weapon: lace, nylon



3, you shut up for me, I’m in a bad mood!

kill weapon: pressure, depressed

high fever, chills, local breast hardening, skin redness, tenderness and throbbing pain, sometimes the nipple may also discharge purulent fluid, are symptoms of mastitis.


remember to choose comfortable, material health underwear, in order to ensure the future of lactation patency. In pregnancy and lactation to maintain the cleanliness of both sides of the nipple, lactation time, each time to suck milk to suck milk.


Chinese called "Thelorrhagia", that by the fire caused by blood or spleen liver, and kidney deficiency, so milk can be extruded or exudation orifices often bloody liquid.

Daisy is an offbeat tale: to love women, love her rude little, which makes her more passionate. But one day, when she suddenly felt a pain in the side of the breast, in the face of the mirror, she was horrified to find that this side of the breast has a touch can be active tumor!

2, I love him as changeable as clouds and rain passion!

1, those lace and chemical fiber texture of the

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