Nanjing has a number of environmental observers formally launched

people want to enjoy a comfortable life, natural environmental awareness will be more and more strong. Nanjing recently introduced the implementation of environmental policy landing? What are some good ideas for improving environmental protection?…… From now on, it is not only the environmental protection departments concerned, a number of good observation, green minded "a person of noble aspirations will participate in, and to the depth of observation, report form the regular feedback and share in the public platform.

1 month 18 days, Nanjing City, the first batch of 50 "environmental observer" from Jiangsu provincial CPPCC Standing Committee Sun Dahua and other leaders took the letter of appointment, wearing badges, and began the first comprehensive training. In the future, observers will use their side of the environment, small and unique insights to radiation, to guide public concern and attention to our environment.

By the end of

2016, the Nanjing Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau for the public to recruit environmental observers, less than 10 days, attracted a total of 102 people to sign up. After careful selection, publicity, and ultimately, the first batch of selected 50 environmental observers have been entrusted with the task, the remaining applicants will enter the "candidate observer" list.

it is understood that the first batch of environmental observers from all walks of life in the city, the oldest of them 65 years old, the youngest 19 years old, both well-known journals editor, also party secretary, School of economics and management of famous universities have the general manager, also have engineers, bankers, and ordinary College students…… At the launch ceremony, the environmental observers have promised that they will actively cooperate with the activities in the coming year. After the launch ceremony, the Nanjing Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau environmental experts, Professor of sociology at Hohai University, a senior reporter for the local media for the first

hope that under the supervision of the majority of environmental supervisors, the environment in Nanjing will become better, more environmental governance work can achieve results. For the city to collect outstanding environmental public welfare microfinance projects, which is the first time in Nanjing. After the registration evaluation, expert review and public notice, including the green homes "in Nanjing area of aquatic plant species, distribution and ecological restoration application investigation", "Friends of nature" with your understanding of Nanjing flowers and insects "wood project", 10 projects were 2 to 50 thousand yuan subsidy.

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