The 8 chain hotel investment constant worry and effort

investment in the hotel when there are many options available to the brand, many small entrepreneurs find the constant 8 hotel chain to join a good project from the Fasthotel industry, because of its low investment threshold, provide support to join, can meet the needs of small and medium-sized entrepreneurs investment demand, therefore concern.

in many Fasthotel brand, 8 constant hotel chain is a new brand, although many brands are not the first to come out early, but since market-oriented City Express Hotel will determine the market orientation of the three or four lines, three or four lines can be said to be a pioneer in the City Express Hotel. Heng 8 has adapted to the exclusive service model and supporting the three or four lines of the city, has a higher standard than the Fasthotel user-friendly design, hardware facilities and services. Hotel tailored for business, tourism, family, young people’s aesthetic concept, leading the three or four cities chain hotel industry to a new height. The constant 8 Corporation in Hangzhou, focusing on the development of China Econo Hotel chain business, is committed to the professional and systematic management mode, to create a "clear, graceful and elegant environment," accommodation consumption experience, attention to detail, the pursuit of perfection, respect for the consumer, the constant pursuit of innovation, innovative service experience, bring investors and consumers’ ideal the investment project and experience.

constant 8 chain hotel will be on site, such as the preparation of the professional guidance and support, and provide efficient hotel professional operations team support. Professional project managers make drawings and drawings, experienced engineering personnel on-site guidance; Department of information technology – free installation, regular maintenance system and training system; constant 8 customer service staff 24 hours to answer 400 telephone booking and so on, all joined the advantage to attract you to join.

constant 8 hotel chain by providing a reasonable solution for the customer to join so by the majority of the businesses concerned, if you want to find your worry and business projects then choose this brand to be sure in the hotel industry, we also hope to cooperate with more and more businesses join together to create more business opportunities and wealth.

not only that the constant 8 hotel chain has rich hotel supplies procurement experience, to maximize the hotel supplies procurement to high quality and low price, and guarantee the decoration of the hotel quality to reduce procurement costs each year to join shop, and greatly shorten the renovation period, owners to provide more quality services for the wine shop to join quickly, greatly save the cost of renovation, shorten the renovation period. Exempt from the worries of franchisees to ensure the smooth operation of the hotel opening.

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