Taiwan earthquake occurred near the epicenter of the 6.2 earthquake

according to the China Earthquake Network, at 22:19 last night near the island of Taiwan 6.2 earthquake, the epicenter of the Diaoyu Islands waters, focal depth of 200 km. Some parts of Taiwan.

This morning, according to China

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Taiwan around the maximum seismic intensity are Yilan peace counties of Nan’ao, Hualian county 5, five new Taipei City mountain, Hualian City, Yilan City, Taichung City Deji 4, including the rest of Taipei City, New Taipei, Taoyuan, Hsinchu, Miaoli, and other places are 3.

because of the earthquake scale up to 6.5, which is in Taiwan this month following the 6 day morning 9 points 8 points on the Richter scale earthquake magnitude 5.9, for the first time scale larger than grade 6 felt earthquakes occurred in Taiwan, the scale of more than 6 earthquake in February 26, 2013 is 10:35 in the morning, the epicenter was in the government of Pingtung County North East side of 28.4 kilometers, the Richter scale 6.4 level.

Taiwan Nantou 6.5 earthquake

2013 March 27th morning 10 when 3 points, Nantou County Jenai (23.9 degrees north latitude and 121.07 degrees east longitude) occurred 6 recommended

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