Analysis of cigarette display method

no matter how good the product, if it is jumbled together, I am afraid it is difficult to attract consumers. So, a good display quality to set up the store image, so that customers can easily purchase. In cigarette merchandising practice, Panzhihua City Bureau (company) to provide six kinds of display method, display of cigarette retail customers can according to the actual situation and demand.

first: price display. That is, in accordance with the retail price of cigarettes from high to low or high in order to display the same grade, the price of cigarettes classified together.

this is the most common and the most widely used method of cigarette commodity display practice, which is convenient for consumers to choose different brands of cigarettes according to their own preferences.

Second kinds of

: manufacturers display. That is, according to different manufacturers, types of specifications for display, the same industrial company’s different brands in accordance with the specifications of the display together. This is a common method in cigarette commodity display practice.

can enhance brand awareness, deepen understanding and understanding of different brands of cigarettes.

third: brand series method. That is in accordance with the classification of cigarette brand series of different specifications will put in order the same brand family next to display. This is also a common method of cigarette display.

is conducive to enhance the attractiveness of consumers, promote the same product alternative choice, is conducive to highlight the brand specifications of the series, the size of the influence, to create a good visual communication effect.

fourth: highlight the key method. That is the new cigarette or cigarette brands by focusing on cultivating, counter display, display area, display art, marker auxiliary display display mode, and be fully concentrated and stereoscopic, connected with the propaganda screen, advertising, brand setting scene.

stimulating consumer demand, creating a brand atmosphere

fifth: centralized display method. That is, according to the retail store customers around the habit of smoking cigarettes, the customer often smoked cigarette brands on display in a prominent position.

focus on the most popular cigarette brands in the same file in a conspicuous place to attract more consumers.

sixth: analogy display method. That is, the new brand specifications and the same level of best-selling brand specifications side by side display, display, in order to gain more awareness, understanding and the opportunity to choose to buy.

of course, the store is different, for the display of natural products is also different, and the above six common methods of comprehensive use, complement each other, no matter what kind of classification method, should be based on consumer spending >

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