Huang Baoqing’s way of doing business

how to be able to successfully run a shop, different entrepreneurs will have different common sense, will accumulate a different experience. A chance to visit the market opportunity, I know the business for many years engaged in tobacco retail clients Huang Baoqing. Because he likes to learn, like writing, adhere to every day in WeChat circle of friends published inspirational text, the text reads beautifully delicate and full of positive energy, so we all affectionately call him".

Huang Baoqing’s classic smoke Hotel is located in Shaanxi City, Hanzhoung Province on the West Ring Road, eye-catching shop strokes, neat display always attract customers coming and going. When asked about his business, he always said with a smile: operating cigarettes for more than ten years, to say the experience, I think it is a kind of Qi, Qiao recommended, re stick."

cigarette samples to be complete. "Every time a new listing, I will carefully listen to the customer manager and the first new small cabinet, then according to the sales and customer feedback, then targeted to increase the order quantity. This will not only meet the consumer’s personalized, diversified consumer demand, but also to avoid the backlog of inventory and occupation of funds." Huang Baoqing said.

brand wins in clever recommend. Huang Baoqing treat people warm and sincere, cheerful personality. Customers to buy cigarettes, he will be warmly received; customers buy cigarettes, he did not forget to send some small gifts, greeting customers often come. He is good at, according to the customer’s age and to introduce the corresponding cigarette. For example, young consumers to shop, he will be based on the young people fresh, fresh psychology, targeted to introduce new cigarette and fine cigarettes to the customer.

business stick. Huang Baoqing morning inspirational language wrote: "it is said that business over the years to do, work every day to do, but go back around, every year than a year of development. Never give up the ideal and never stop the pace, stick to the harvest." In spite of the cold and scorching heat, Huang Baoqing opened the door at seven a.m.. Many consumers around the enterprises and other units will go to work to come to his shop to buy cigarettes, in the course of time, the store will have a fixed number of consumer groups, and these old customers he has become an important foundation for the development of new customers.

hard to be able to get a certain amount of return, time is the best judge. In short, the time will not live up to an upward effort, inspirational brother Huang Baoqing because of good business and thoughtful service, cigarette sales and gross profit has remained at the forefront of the city.

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