The eagles lead their dead friends to mourn

American Eagle frontman Gregory · Fuleiben died of illness at the age of 67 months. The eagles in the musical world fame, wrote many songs. In 2011, the eagles also came to China Beijing and Shanghai concert.

to emerge

Gregory · Fred was born in November 6, 1948 in Detroit, he grew up in nearby Royall oak, growing up with Motown sound and hard rock.

1971, the future of the country rock superstar Linda · Lang Si Dai was looking for a band, the boyfriend hired Glenn Lang Si Dai · Frey, Henry, drummer don · bassist Randy Meisner and guitarist Bernie · · lideng. With this new band is so perfect, that after the completion of Linda · after the tour they become Dai Lang Si, David  Geffen; new record company first signed a number of artists, with the launch of the first single "Take  It  Easy", the band quickly achieved success. With the mid 70s launch a number of hit singles, the eagles became the leader of the rock scene.

but drugs, arrogance and expansion after the success of the eagles also hold the pace in "Hotel California" after they spent 3 years before the launch of the new album "The  Run"; Long . This album was a huge commercial success, the music industry is also out of the disco era after the recommendation

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