Medium sized business proposal Select Hotel business

for a certain capital and entrepreneurs, is not on the business with a small capital. What kind of investment projects more appropriate? A chain hotel is a good project with moderate investment.

1, positioning three line city market

now a second tier city Econo Hotel market has become saturated, and the three line of the city, with the accelerated process of urbanization, the growing demand for business travel accommodation; and the hotel brand in a second tier city fighting was going on, the three line of the city has become the brand chain hotel investment. Therefore, all entrepreneurs in the time to open the hotel, to seize this opportunity, seize the three Urban Inn market high ground, positioning the three line of the city market, to provide three line city investment and consumption characteristics of the products and management mode in the process of business hotel.

2, the best input-output ratio – 45-60 between the number of rooms

3, control the cost of renovation

4, constantly updated hotel products

to run a hotel need to master the knowledge more, once the operating well then the profits will be relatively high. I hope that entrepreneurs can be friends good digestion recommended in this paper

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