This year what to open a good shop

this year looking for project friends to see it, here are the best choice to join, can give you advice, let’s take a look together!

2011 open what stores? What stores more money? We think, so many families have only one child, every child is the home of Johnson baby, parents prefer not to buy their own clothes, also want to give their children to buy delicious good wear, so we should focus on children the market is a very big market potential.

2011 stores opened what? Analysis of a children’s clothing shop investment: "now many families have only one child, about 10000000 newborn babies each year, with the economic level also increased, compared with twenty or thirty years ago, no one is willing to buy cloth to make clothes for the children, more and more people choose the is to buy comfortable, beautiful clothes for children." Children’s clothing market is showing substantial growth in consumption, opening a children’s clothing store, it is the best time to make a profit. Although the children’s children’s clothing industry do business, but it is great.

2011 open what stores, clothing industry to do other business risks, but the sales of children’s clothing industry can be said to be a relatively low risk, after all, children and adults have different clothes. The pursuit of fashion trend is still relatively small, as long as the fabric is comfortable, style can be popular.

2011 stores opened what is good?? open a children’s clothing store cost:

open admission: 20 square meters of shops 3000 yuan per month, "according to a two rent after cost 9000 yuan.

Manual: 1, 1000 yuan, or their main business. What is now open shop good

2011 stores opened what is good?? open a children’s clothing store related information:

2011 what stores? At present in our country, with an annual output of 4 billion 600 million pieces of clothing, clothing accounted for nearly 10% of the total output, of which 1 billion 600 million pieces of woven children’s wear, knitted clothes 3 billion, spending a total of 2 billion 100 million children at home, the children’s consumption of about 40 billion yuan, accounting for the total consumption of 3% children. China’s 3 15 year old children? 320 million, of which 34% is the only child, and every year there are about 10000000 newborns, according to statistics on what 2011 stores, in 2003 China’s consumption in 1 billion 100 million or so, forecast in the next few years, each year will be increasing at a rate of about 8%. At the price of 50 yuan per piece, the total consumption will reach $50 billion.

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