How to make coffee

coffee shop needs to do some preparatory work, in the early stages, you need to do a good job in market research, positioning, planning a good development strategy, after the official business can be carried out more smoothly. If you want to do a good job in investment management, then come to learn the experience of others with small series.

: location of dream, also want to have a sense of direction

decided to locate the cafe, is the first step in a successful open cafe.

Business location

The five elements of

, the menu is the most basic, which will determine the need to purchase the equipment and hardware equipment, will also affect the bar design. If you start only to set up a "+" coffee pastry cafe, bar design is relatively simple; but if it is not found after the opening of the light to maintain operations, increase Smoothie products, you will find the bar may be no space for Smoothie machine; if want to increase the meals, a start and no kitchen planning then, the problem is even greater, even to local decoration, it is a large sum of expenditure. Therefore, at the beginning of the business, it is necessary to clear the coffee shop sales. Decoration budget is most likely to lose control.

The long – established reputation

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