What are the top 10 most profitable industries in 2012

called the 360 line, the line out of the champion. So in 2012 in the end what industry can make money? The world industry category is tens of thousands of jobs, can make money is beyond count, the most important, it is now a look at Chinese 10 paid occupation list, but the real estate was ranked second.

list of reasons: good sales personnel of each industry are very marketable. Marketing professionals accounted for about 10% of all job categories of recruitment to 15%.

Second, real estate income ranked the top three real estate practitioners in the monthly salary of 8000-10000 yuan.

Third, the financial sector attractive financial sector managers, a monthly salary of 7000 yuan.

list of reasons: foreign banks continue to enter the joint venture fund company increases gradually, the bank and the fund demand for talent increases rapidly, talent competition is also very intense.

07 years salary according to the report, real estate, technology, finance, consumer goods, pharmaceutical, manufacturing, media, logistics, automobile, hotel industry, has become the most profitable year of workers. Among them, the income of financial workers is higher than the average income of each industry by nearly 40%.

list of reasons: at present, China’s logistics talent demand, the employer gold content of logistics occupation certification brand, the quality of training and teaching advantages and certificates are very concerned.

list of reasons: China’s software industry, the strong momentum of development, the demand of computer professionals will increase 1 million annually.

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