Marketing strategy is to sell the story

is known to all, marketing must have a strategy, no strategy how to do marketing work? Some people think that the marketing strategy is to sell the story, then, please come along with the small businessman to see the self explanation!

Jessica  Ekstrom is a senior student of North Carolina State University majoring in PR. She founded Headbands  in the spring of 2011; of  Hope. Now that she has postponed her college graduation, she plans to run her company full-time, while continuing to go to college or school to give lectures on public welfare.

, I began to ponder how to innovate. I set up a video on YouTube for less than 1 minutes, telling my own story, so that it can be sent to journalists who have a better understanding of my company.

PR is not in the office of the people, or simply to perform a series of work. PR is a general term for all your work. It involves all aspects of your company.

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