What are the promotion methods

on the operation of the market, for any stores, sales promotion is a means of business process inevitable. However, want to really play a role in the promotion, naturally need to choose the right way. So, what are the promotion methods?

sales promotion, also known as business promotion, refers to the use of a variety of short-term incentives to encourage consumers and intermediaries to buy and sell corporate products and services promotional activities. So what are the promotion methods? The following small series to introduce you.

promotion method: auction promotion law

in today’s era, the major stores, commercial competition, simple, old way of promotion is not enough to attract more customers, the auction has become a new idea of store promotions. Auction activities to write clearly the name of the auction, the auction price. Some of the goods sold through the auction are higher than the retail price, some lower than the retail price, so that consumers feel very dramatic.

auction form fresh, interesting, but it should not be done every day, otherwise there is no fresh at all. Usually can choose at weekends, holidays and other time, then, consumers have enough time to participate in the auction, in order to achieve good results. If at ordinary times, people need to work, even if there is no interest in the auction, there is not enough time to participate.

promotion: anti seasonal promotion method

generally speaking, for a number of seasonal goods, there are often sales season. Because, the public consumer psychology is the money does not buy half a year idle, that is, to make demand, what to buy. Business is generally the case, the basic requirements of the supply on time. Therefore, goods often is very popular in the peak season of consumption, consumption in the off-season are unsalable.

some businesses in the opposite direction, in the heat of summer, the market had my winter unsalable goods, such as heating appliances, fur coat, fur boots, jacket etc. in some city sales prospects. It is often said that the "anti seasonal promotion". Good businessmen often launched seasonal commodity sale to consumers in many buyers, the main purpose is to obtain the seasonal difference.

promotion method: single promotion method

business to popular selling goods is a large number of purchase, big advertising, expanding sales, because the business principles of the business must be able to earn profits. But Italy’s famous Levin and store it in the opposite direction, but it is taking only sales method. The store of all goods sold only once, no longer goods, even if very hot also painful. On the surface, the store lost a lot with extreme ease profits, but in fact the shops because all goods are very marketable and accelerated the commodity week >

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