Milk bar to join the entrepreneurial business

in the pursuit of quality of life and a healthy diet time, now milk bar join venture has received wide attention, but it also need to be reminded to practitioners, although this is a very good opportunity, but the competition is very fierce, so in the management we must pay attention to the following questions:

first, it will not join the milk to analyze the problem, and missed the opportunity

Xiao Bian had encountered such a Chinese fast food restaurant friend: he in the city near a station at a very low price to rent a storefront, the flow of people the station is very big, not because the store opened near the station will raise prices in disguise, so the store’s business very good. After a period of time, the shop for a chef, the guests taste the taste of food is not good, so customers gradually become less. The friend did not understand what the store out of question, the store’s business has become bad, and eventually the store sublet. In this case the problem is actually very simple, when operating the milk bar to join us easily will encounter a variety of problems, as the entrepreneur must learn to analyze problems, find out the crux of the problem, and to solve the problem. May have a friend said that we will not analyze the problem, which is why now more and more entrepreneurs will choose to join the chain to join the franchise.

two, milk bar which join venture, abetment

don’t know what the reason is, no matter what we all love to join in the fun, so you see such a change: some friends saw a commercial street stores open milk it is booming, so also Qucourenao, their milk bar is also open to join here, but the fact is and imagination the store is not the same, good business will be closed. See the case here is also easy to understand the situation, in the commercial street to open the idea to join the milk bar there is no mistake, but often come here to eat most of the other restaurants are old customers. A new milk bar stores may give people the feeling of the store but find everything fresh and new, the situation is not satisfactory, still can not attract people to patronize the store, whether you open or in the area near the school, or commercial street or, should according to the actual situation of examination, assessment, the final decision in the end no right, there is no market.

three, fresh milk bar to join the blind high, large,

some friends did not engage in the experience before the milk bar to join the industry, so you want to invest in a milk bar with a cavity blood, their own milk bar to join a high, big, the place. This phenomenon is very common in the milk bar to join the industry, a lot of friends wrong estimate of the market situation, the crowd did not have a good consumer positioning, blindly blindly seeking high. Professional investment staff to remind Entrepreneurs: Investment milk bar franchise industry, not recommended

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