Do dog feces business to make money

once in a district which lived downstairs is a dog family dog can not handle, outside the window had to dump, nearby residents caused Voices of discontent. This shows a problem to us, in fact, do clean up dog poop business, also can make a lot of money!

Whether you believe it or not:

assumes that you can’t stand the bad breath, you can still cast some cash in the rapid expansion of industry, you can through marketing and employ other people to do the dirty liquidation obligation to provide this service.

through advertising, in the field of newspaper in the publicity column posted leaflets, with other companies and clubs within the community with dogs for your dog feces clearing out of service propaganda. The asking price for a large part is between $30 and $60 a month.

you weekly to the client’s home or company is located, they clearing yard dog feces, every clearing time needed will not exceed 10 minutes. You need a reliable transport, a mobile phone, trash, plastic bags, shovels, gloves and a pair of high quality rubber boots.

if go to the park or grassland, many people may have the impression that a piece of scenery is very beautiful, but suddenly found a pile of dog poop mixed in, which undoubtedly sweep people’s interest, as long as this piece of green belt is responsible for people looking for professional personnel to clean up dog clean, beautiful will return to this land!

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