A sub join details of fish

fish has its delicious and healthy food by consumers in the market, you are like a raging fire fish franchise projects carried out, so many fish to join the brand to choose which one? For a fish you recommend. Enjoy high visibility and reputation in the fish industry, with accurate market positioning and rich industry experience, quickly occupy a space for one person in the market, not only the market sales and consumer word-of-mouth is the way ahead, excellent.

also sub franchise headquarters will give the fish who join full join support policy, protect your entrepreneurial worry. At the same time a sub fish stores are increasing, more and more widely covered market areas. You don’t want to start to miss a good investment opportunities! Fish industry, choose carpenter sub fish to join, the following is the specific project of the

, with a look!

‘s sub join conditions:


1, confidence in the catering business, is willing to actively join the "a special snack franchise sub fish catering business" units and individuals.

2, with the integrity of the business reputation, self-motivated, dedication and hard-working spirit.

3, my family and I have good health and passion in the industry.

4, is willing to accept the "Carpenter sub fish" headquarters in the unified management, training.

5, to provide a legal identity card, so as to establish a real file headquarters.

6, according to the requirements of unified suspension "Carpenter sub fish" image signs.

7, may maintain "Carpenter son fish" brand image, not by the "Carpenter son fish" brand effect to damage the interests of consumers.

8, after the opening of the headquarters is willing to provide stores and sales of photos of the scene, so that the headquarters to establish customer files. Join three months after the opening of the business does not provide photos and operating conditions, the headquarters will withdraw

in the face of new markets and opportunities, a firm belief sub fish will be adhering to the "quality first, customer service, pragmatic innovation, honesty and trust", to "explore the folk traditional delicacy, inheriting the Chinese diet culture" as its mission, is committed to creating catering brand, dissemination of high-quality catering service concept.

‘s son fish join advantage:

1, a sub fish to ensure that dealers in the corresponding region exclusive monopoly business interests.

2, a sub fish operation and management support, send resident instruction according to the dealer sales situation.

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