Analysis of the three development paths of B2B e-commerce platform

how to develop B2B e-commerce platform in China B2B e-commerce has been reviewed along the way there are three main development direction, namely: specialization, industrialization, diversification.

professional development path — HC

The development of

filed specialization, with reference to the development of B2B e-commerce HC, HC has been focused on "professional". Recently, HC leading enterprises in the domestic B2B industry in the "professional" on the road again a big step. The evening of May 30th, HC announced that the sale of Beijing Boxin information consulting company 70% stake in HC at the price of 7 million 979 thousand yuan, while the sale of Beijing HC our market information consulting 40% stake to 13 million 569 thousand yuan. The move aims to re adjust the strategic layout, so that the light focusing on the core B2B business, so as to further enhance the market competitiveness of HC in B2B.

for a long time, for e-commerce companies, "specialization" or "diversification" has always been a problem, many companies have had dropped down in the choice of intersection. For has been in the professional field optimized, again chose to go. "Focus on the field of B2B is a strategic choice for our future for a period of time, HC will not go comprehensive platform or" diversified "road." HC CEO Guo Jiang this interpretation of the sale of two non core business purpose. The equipment manufacturing network is responsible for that "specialize in" professional development path, will never become obsolete, and with the transformation of the concept of education in our country, from the "talented" to "professionals" training, is that of professional attention, the same applies to any field, including e-commerce. It can be predicted that the B2B industry in the future in many fields have broad vertical space, enterprises will have a brilliant future.

diversified development path — Alibaba

as Chinese e-commerce B2B two leading companies, and distinguish the HC and Alibaba more obvious, mining in the vertical B2B field more and more deep, has to enter the more than and 70 vertical industries, "poly vertical level" business model began to highlight the achievements. Alibaba is still committed to building a comprehensive B2B platform, is a big and big way to go, and also recently sought to B2C, C2C field of gradual transformation.

equipment manufacturing network is responsible for that, from the historical development of e-commerce market in the past, and the model has gradually been abandoned, and the development mode of large and believe that no company can match with Alibaba, because of different times, people’s needs are changing. For example, when the B2C industry portal Dangdang, excellence, has been completely in the limelight as the bright younger generation where customers, companies such as Jingdong vertical cover.

"industrialization" development road — world factory

began to focus on

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