New micro-blog marketing will replace the blog marketing

The continuous development of Internet

improvement, also led the webmaster friends continue to expand in the network marketing, micro-blog has become one of the high streets and back lanes is a way of network marketing, network marketing, this novel method is very popular, at this time of have the webmaster will say whether micro-blog will replace the novel marketing blog marketing. Micro-blog’s development trend is inevitable for everyone to say so, but micro-blog marketing can really replace blog marketing?

Since Sina micro-blog

to replace the domain name, also represents micro-blog entered a new era, micro-blog 140 words of space, let the Internet occupation not related to the webmaster together, at the same time the majority of casual people have also used micro-blog, record life bit by bit, the same topic is not the same person can a good consensus, because of this many enterprise sites want to use micro-blog to profit for the enterprise website, the conversion rate of micro-blog marketing is what? This enterprise have to consider. If you really want to do business micro-blog marketing, it is necessary to consider the following points:

first: positioning enterprise micro-blog. Micro-blog marketing and other marketing methods, need to locate their own direction, on her way to micro-blog, micro-blog now is the hottest quotations, something like a joke, but those for the enterprise website conversion rate is almost 0, the enterprise website to find active users on their industry, they love the hair something, then let them on micro-blog, so as to enhance the visibility, you may send the product information such as micro-blog will not be like that kind of quotations widely spread, but as long as there is good communication in your class can.

secondly: the early use of micro-blog activities. Micro-blog has just launched, the number of fans is the primary problem, but for the traditional enterprise website, customers are basically through the line to the online sales, the little to get online users, the most simple method is to use micro-blog, micro-blog early use of activities to attract customers, micro-blog the most important is the activities of the prizes, awesome prizes can bring awesome customers. As the lone wolf micro-blog, micro-blog often do activities, will send a free domain name, webmaster Encyclopedia of free space, Q coins and other prizes, such attractive prizes of stationmaster is great.

last: late maintenance using third party platform. Now micro-blog third party platform or a lot, some companies can not do the follow-up maintenance, to the micro-blog network trading platform to help you spread the Navy, a micro-blog according to how much the number of listeners is given the corresponding price, later micro-blog such maintenance will solve almost, but this method is not know how much how much benefit from the conversion rate, the customer really, but this way of mechanical relay. Therefore, the maintenance of the latter is more suitable for enterprises to do their own.

said that although micro-blog marketing is facing a wide range, but it is 140 words of space, a small database of many products information didn’t have the language to describe the micro-blog marketing micro-blog marketing benefits, but relative to Bo.

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