Web site in the end what you get sticky

The day before yesterday, on Donews in the Liu Ren post, a Lenovo to some recent issues of thinking, and see related research, so the back of Liu Ren’s post made a sigh. It may not be accurate, but it is a very important and urgent problem. Here again to open and exchange.

the background of the problem is why the current about Web 2, why would RSS really attract people, under the banner of Web 2, with RSS and other weapons, whether it will be able to go beyond the traditional media, even the so-called 1 Sina website? In addition, the site in the end what to use " stick people "?

now the network reading spontaneously and more and more independence. I think there are two reasons:

A is the development of technology, realizes many previously not easy to achieve the function of;

A is the development of consciousness, and find out you still have such individual needs.

for example, for example, see the website news.

1 * * * " to " the site started at the beginning of term, is always less, so the new users to the post, easy to find delicious food, unit time work less, but quite a lot of benefits;

2 * * * " then " site into the growth period, more and more food, but users are more and more difficult to find the appetite for their. You have to look for or visitors from scratch, classification to find it, work more and the benefit is becoming less.

3 * * * " then " the content of the website uneven in quality, dragons and fishes jumbled together. Unit time reading efficiency greatly reduced. In the end, when the user does not feel " the value of " when the site on the " sticky " not in the.

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