Bold forecast 2016 digital marketing changes

2016 years has been to, we China on digital marketing market has its own viewpoint and prospect, let’s make some bold predictions, see the next time, what are the digital marketing industry is most likely to happen. Are you ready for these changes,

?The sustained and healthy development of the 2016

digital marketing, advertising Internet advertising budget accounted for a total budget of 60%, of which the mobile terminal and PC terminal marketing budget can meet as equals. Whether in the mobile terminal or PC terminal, social advertising has become the advertisers tend to choose the type of media, such as Sina, micro-blog, WeChat, QQ products become the most valued China advertising media resources, communication scale and social value becomes the key factor of the user to select media advertising. Overall, mobile, social and big data has become China’s three core trends in digital marketing. For up to 2016 years for digital marketing will change and development how? The general manager of Interbrand CCE GROUP Chinese District Yao Chenggang, founder of Nelson, Omnicom media group, social media manager Hedi Wen, general manager of Shanghai Allan and PHD Tse, for the 2016 digital marketing how to change about my own view and opinion the.

social media market will change the pattern of


as everyone knows, in recent years, Facebook as a "foreign guests" to enter the market moves frequently, China’s intention is very obvious, so in 2016, whether the social media market pattern will change the


Nelson said: from the Internet throughout the development cycle, consumers are more love new things, "although from the communication perspective, Facebook is unlikely to replace WeChat’s position, but from the social scene that is possible, the growth in Chinese conditions quite, the user is always love fresh China things, if there is a large platform (Facebook) can allow consumers to have a new environment to play, I believe Chinese users are very willing to try."

and Hedi Wen and Tse Allan hold different views, they believe that Facebook in the next 1-2 years is difficult to replace the status of WeChat and micro-blog. First, their location is not the same, Facebook completely belongs to the western media, user habits and experience it does not meet the people’s habits; second, WeChat has a complete ecological system mature, now the user whether it is a taxi, ordering, payment and so on through WeChat, for many users will not be easily replaced. For micro-blog, from micro-blog’s quarterly report, micro-blog’s monthly active user number is always rising, micro-blog as a social media has slowly began to change into the media, his opponent has started is not WeChat, but the Tencent news such as news media, which also represents micro-blog has to >

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