How to cultivate the social consumption habits of users from WeChat AA collection

in October 2003 because the transaction demand was the birth of Taobao Alipay, a Alipay development later get out of hand! Now that people have been accustomed to online payment at the subconscious of default will think of Alipay


payment launch, let Ma directly feel threatened, mobile contacts, offline payment wallet and so on various besieged! WeChat payment seems to be strangled in the cradle, but have to admit the fact: WeChat WeChat payment has a strong social relationships grow slowly on.

is the two payment mode is born in the two kinds of Internet genes completely different, Alipay is based on the traditional e-commerce, an important reason for the birth of the third party guarantee transaction. While WeChat is paying social relationships based on a social custom, in fact, before WeChat payment has not launched, people have put on WeChat to do business fast, because of social emotional marketing, mutual trust has been completely out of the third party, and in my last article, the socialization of private custom brand marketing: Service form of payment by selling the concept of service product distress, WeChat has quietly launched the payment mode: AA. Since then, people do business on WeChat no longer need third party payment, can be completed directly in WeChat, to this end, WeChat has fully realized the small sellers of commercial closed loop!

as WeChat to train people to sweep the habit, WeChat paid has been training people’s social payment habits. Sensitive Internet friends may have been found, WeChat recently almost all the energy spent on WeChat payment. Double 11 WeChat mall, and millet, public comment and intime business and so on, but the introduction of AA receivables, I think it is the real meaning of social payments.

below we analyze the characteristics of this payment function:


one, with a strong social stigma payment form

and AA collection of the same name, the payment behavior itself is a human! Line sweep to complete the payment, online payment directly to the AA to immediately fix buddy, simple and quick.

two, can be customized, the most simple form of the most complex function of

do not admire, WeChat can always achieve a variety of needs of people in a simple way, AA inherits the excellent characteristics. On the other hand, AA payment can be arbitrarily extended into various forms of electricity providers, such as using AA to group purchase group purchase, payment in the form of launching a 5 party payment, we can immediately let them enjoy a very favorable group purchase promotion.

three, the speed is fast and simple

no way, this is the charm of social relationships, just send a message to a friend’s dialog, you can immediately complete, do not look down on this point, he has fully satisfied in the circle of friends to sell products >

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