Xiong Xiaoren a number of medical websites to promote online and offline promotion

in the medical industry after a period of time, the promotion of more or less understanding of the medical aspects, known as the competition is very intense, in the promotion of the time, all kinds of tricks have to be extreme, can spell had others, relying solely on the optimization, the effect is very slow. Whether it is online or offline, are going to vigorously promote, can promote the hospital’s brand, but also can bring effective patients.

online promotion methods all the promotion website with us for having heard it many times, a truth, said in detail below:

1, Baidu bid, this is essential, at present each medical websites are doing, you do not you simply can not compete with others, Baidu bid is currently the most direct and most effective and fast benefits platform.

2, Baidu union advertising, a multi station display marketing mode, can win the multi-faceted display effect, get traffic and can produce a small amount of effective customer, playing the brand also has a great help.

3, Baidu’s own products, we all know that the weight of Baidu products are very high, good use can also bring a lot of potential customers, such as Baidu know, Baidu library, etc.. The key point is that the choice of keywords, can be used in disease treatment + information, such as: Quanzhou, Quanzhou where treat rhinitis rhinitis which family is the best hospital or from XXX to XXX how to get to the hospital, take several road vehicles and so on what keywords, because most of the local hospital needle is patients, so the choice of keywords this form is the best.

some time ago, I use Baidu library area to do ranking first in all regions of the rankings are occupied, then feel good, then do not know is the rival report, Baidu or manual operation, all passed through the document into account, also spent a little tragedy.

4, optimize the promotion, the medical industry is relatively speaking, the effect is relatively slow, because the competition is too intense, coupled with the medical industry is very low degree of originality of the article, it is difficult to get a good ranking. The optimization of time, suitable for long term a lot of disease symptoms, words are hard to get ranked, in front of the row is some of the big portal, we can’t compete with them, usually take the area of words, such as: Quanzhou ent network form is relatively easy to do.

5, local platform, you can choose a large local portal or local high popularity forum advertising, is the only way to brand marketing, but also can bring effective customers, give a case for everyone to see.


6, other means, such as blog marketing, write some patients cured cases, the establishment of the blog to join the local blogosphere, write some soft Wen to promote, but also can bring a small number of potential customers. Can also cooperate with the classification of information platform, such as 58 city and Ganji, a information network platform, search engine friendly sites to promote, if you do not want to spend money, the artificial way of doing a lot of long tail. "

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