Take the grassroots webmaster thinking to take the o2o to do month water 120 thousand

has been very grateful to the A5 station network, because when I made from the grassroots webmaster, is following the growth of Admin5 station network step by step, then learned too much useful knowledge in a5. Because A5 is a down to earth’s website, there are a lot of grassroots Adsense share of dry cargo.

, however, the development of the Internet, I also from a grassroots transition to become an Internet entrepreneur, but with many had learned in the grassroots webmaster domain knowledge, I created a takeaway o2o brand, in order to avoid all that is soft, I won’t mention my takeaway brand.

(a) different from hungry Mody

mentioned o2o takeaway, we will certainly think of hungry, Baidu takeaway, the United States to take away, etc.. In fact, those are takeaway platform, is equivalent to a C2C, all businesses can be settled. They are very profitable, but we grassroots entrepreneurs in the current Internet Ecosystem, in fact, it is difficult to do it, because there will be a bottleneck in capital technology.

and I do takeaway o2o project is a homegrown model, can also be understood as the B2C model, that is my own hire chefs, cooking, food production, and then through the website and mobile terminal to sales.

(two) mobile terminal selection

in the mobile Internet era, the mobile side is every entrepreneur should focus on the position, but we are not the same as giants, to create a app. I think it is not necessary for grassroots entrepreneurs, because WeChat public platform gives us the most simple and effective mobile terminal platform.

yes. I do takeaway O2O mobile terminal platform is also the main choice of WeChat public platform. And in the daily data, I will find that most customers do not rely on the phone, not on the site, but by the WeChat public platform under the single. So, in the next, I will focus on doing a good job marketing WeChat public platform.

(three) line under the deployment of

I just had a few months, a month now running about 120 thousand, a day to sell about 200 rices. In order to distinguish from the ordinary fast food restaurant, I used a number of Internet thinking, all of my products are unified pricing 16 yuan, $26, $36.

online program is very important, but what is called the Internet thinking, what is called o2o, I summed up the point is that not only to make up the online program, but also a good online program. The next line of small, small things into a small set of procedures, and then you go to the maintenance of the program under the line.

we grassroots webmaster origin, most of the Internet to understand the law, there are a lot of the Internet ecosystem is very clear, but most of the grassroots webmaster but no programming technology. I used to think that I would not be programmed to delay a lot of things. Now, in fact, will not compile computer programs are not important, it is important to make the reality >

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