Analysis of the successful viral marketing in the dream of stealing space

following the "Afanda" of the film, and ushered in a wave of "Inception" after the release of the film in the tide, triggered a domestic audience and discussed, with effect of word of mouth, the introduction in September 1st after the first week has nearly 100 million yuan at the box office. "Inception" has also been soaring to the top searches on Baidu billboard. From inception in the domestic campaign and did not like the "Afanda" so strong, why can achieve such a high box office results in a short period of time? According to reports, mainly thanks to Christopher · Nolan’s marketing team of viral marketing, and said in 2008, "the Dark Knight", Christopher · Nolan has lifted a viral marketing.


1, viral marketing

remember the original inception into China after my first reflection is a new game, but the game did not do marketing approach, let me with curiosity. However, in China a week after the introduction of "Inception" has rapidly spread to every corner of the network theft, including pop style news, various forums and so on are filled with inception words, quickly became a hot topic of people.

2, the film and the network crowd anastomosis

on the Internet, young people occupy the majority, but according to reports, young people watch TV less and less, and the Pirates of the dream of space science fiction series, wandering in the dream and reality in the ideology of the theme is consistent with the tastes of young people, and all related elements of inception revealed a science fiction in the process of communication and information, is a kind of "veiled", increase people’s curiosity, so the Pirates of the dream of space elements such as the rapid expansion of virus.


3, the full use of a variety of tools to achieve interactive, voluntary

The mysterious

"dream space" let users do not consciously and spontaneously become the transmission of information, and make full use of micro-blog, SNS and so on the rapid dissemination of information, sharing, post function makes the "element" series double the growth.

in the film industry, the use of viral marketing is a successful example of "Transformers" be too numerous to enumerate, such as "guard" "IP MAN 2" "Toy Story 3" "Ninth"… . etc through the use of viral marketing success, these successful examples also became the film festival marketing people constantly learning from examples, but also become the Internet marketing industry is worth learning and reference.

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