Liu Dongming Chen Yao go left a donkey to the right people

before and after the Spring Festival, a TV advertisement attracted the audience: hilarious Chen Yao catch a donkey to the market, advertising words: ", nothing". The advertising picture is fresh, lovely cartoon image, advertising words capable concise, clear. But the donkey’s stunts, resulting in a lot of people remember the donkey, not remember, even the recorded as "donkey nets". So catch the donkey network, the key word of the fire, the amount of thousands of search every day, or even reached twenty-five thousand. Online search, donkey nets is really there, but like, with the donkey. Chen Yao, just ad for a "donkey nets, what?" can be deceptive, confuse the public.

originally this is a network of people with a sense of smell starring, director of the 2011’s first advertising scandal. By advertising machine overwhelming, people network the first time registered "donkey nets", spoof logo and slogan, the website information and style from all the people network, the user’s attention shifted to the clever people network, from getting a lot of free traffic. The online advertising market billion, finally fulfilled the "donkey nets" thunder, for easy access to hundreds of thousands of people network traffic to IP.

author from the information classification site of the large market environment, simply talk about the views of the whole event.

multi golden era, classified information website by money pet belongs to the classified information network, the big bucks bombardment television advertising and classified information network in recent years by the VCs touted unique a direct relationship. Life in Chinese classified information website from 2004, the website of the entry threshold is not high, easy to copy mode, content homogeneity, the lack of clear profit model, the moment in all parts of the country out of more than 3 thousand information classification Wang long, the more than 3 thousand similar sites compete, staged a "left" for the king’s drama. After a round of crazy shuffle, the formation of the current Ganji, people network and 58 city three lead, platform network, network, network and other list Yideng two echelon follow competition situation.

capital on the classification of information market has maintained a rational heat, with the extensive coverage of 3G networks and the emergence of smart phones in China, based on the classification of geographical information, will be more sticky. According to sources, the classified information website may become the third fastest growing Internet field after the portal website, search engine website. This classification information from last year two large venture capital market: in April 2010 58 city obtained remarkable DCM and Saif $15 million investment in July 2010, Ganji received NOKIA growth partners and bluerun $20 million.

want to say love you is not easy, VC money should be how to spend?

for most of the information classification site: money is not a problem, the problem is no money. In the opinion of got a huge wind and 58 city, no money.

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