On the development of medical industry portal

with the rise of the Internet in the country, people pay more and more attention to the promotion of the Internet business, even in the traditional Chinese medical industry is also crowded. In fact, the medical industry into the Internet is inevitable, because the Internet is quick and fast spread, wide coverage, large information capacity, strong interactivity, low cost and without geographical restrictions can bring the advantages of the traditional medical industry a new development, the fact is that, during the period of 2007-2008 medical industry website on the Internet everywhere.

the development of any web site can not be separated from the information, with the information people can catch up with the industry trends and trends. But the medical industry site is different from any other website, she must depend on the information given serious medical professional knowledge, there must be authoritative in content.


health care website to be successful not only in the content do authority also do ZhengZhan service.

How to start a

website we cannot use these authoritative information to make a profit, we should always keep in mind that we stand for the medical health service, our purpose is to improve the health level of the whole nation. You have to always believe that you serve the people 1%, you will get 10-20% in return, even higher. To this end, we can imagine the following programs:

a clear service object. Medical websites can be divided into two categories of medicine and pharmacy, for the purpose of identifying these types of services, analysis of the needs of the two types of users in order to expand the other functions of the site in order to better serve the public. For example, the medical class can be developed from the hospital, clinic, give them free to open the site and then use their doctor resources…… Drugs, the better to expand the category, involving the goods should be more clear than I. The domestic do good "popular medicine", "medical network (QE)", in fact the two website is a drug, a direction, a direction of medicine.

two, open interactive platform. The popularity of the site needs to promote the creativity and communication of the website itself, instant messaging is very competitive in the medical web site, as well as questions and answers, doctors online diagnosis, uncertain gas began free activities. This inner do better with medical treatment and rest assured Yiyuan

three, personalized innovation, competition in the medical industry website will become more and more intense, most of the sites are news, disease, forums, etc., in order to have a breakthrough must be based on the original innovation. Take the disease for example, most website planning of this column will think up all of his disease, disease, pathogenesis, prevention, detection and so on, you do is a transmission process, did not get feedback. So why not allow users to talk about the disease under the condition of their own suffering from the disease, and later in which hospital treatment, how much money spent on treatment, the hospital service attitude and technology, and finally make a comparison.

"health care reform" shows the importance of the policy of the medical profession and began to push him to the market, the medical industry website will have a good prospect

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