Happy farm developers said the Ministry of culture will comply with the new regulations will steal f


map: QQ farm has been using the "pick" the word

December 17th morning news, "happy farm developers five minutes game company confirmed that the Ministry of culture to the upcoming social games management policy, the company has been willing to" steal food "to" pick vegetables".

had chinanews.com reported on Wednesday said: "according to reliable sources, the relevant departments of the state is studying the regulations specifically for the social game rules, the fastest in the next year, stealing food, etc. will grab spaces and online games, web games are included in the scope of government regulation, end market situation of chaos."

five minutes, said the person concerned, and now everyone happy farm network, Tencent QQ farm, after a formal authorization of the site for about five minutes, has been modified to pick, not called steal.

according to media reports, five minutes for a number of addicted to stealing food game paranoia, but also to make a game modification. "As you may know, every game can pick dishes have number limit, this limit has been quietly lowered, and go to the field each friend can only pick 1 times, so that you can avoid users spend a lot of effort in it." Five minutes, said the person in charge of the company.

in November 18th, the Ministry of Culture issued a notice, determined to strengthen the network game content management for the entire network game background story, plot, language names setting, task design, economic system, transaction system, production system, construction of social system, customer service system, the anti function, the role of image, sound effects, props, motion, map team system, relevant departments will be tracking and monitoring.

steal food games are popular in major social networking sites, and caused a lot of negative comments.

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