Taobao customers should be recruited through what channels  


passenger is a way to promote the current Taobao businesses more attention, because this kind of promotion is to clinch a deal to calculate the Commission, therefore, even if the Commission to the 50% businesses there are many, and in our shop, Taobao passenger daily traffic accounted for 50% of total traffic, therefore, Taobao customers can to do so, the benefit is very objective, the monthly income of over 10000 Taobao customers meet the eye everywhere. For the recruitment of Taobao customers, after finishing, I summed up the main channels. The first is on the horizon, Baidu, Sogou site settings and some key commodity related issues, such as shipping, special offer, fashion and so on, and then a detailed reply, top left contact QQ. If someone adds, you have to be patient to answer, talk to a more familiar time, you can send links to others.

second is the way to promote the forum. Some local forums or more like A5 forum can influence, like A5 on the Taobao customer forum dedicated, businesses can release recruitment information above, Taobao customers can post to share some experience about Taobao customers, is a very good exchange platform. In addition, it is important to note that in the post when, should pay attention to skills, like some advertising posts cannot directly take the soft launch way, avoid a few minutes by the moderator to delete posts, the possibility of even the title is there. In some second-hand flea market is a very good way to release, such as 58 city, etc., are worthy of.

third is the blog. The name of the blog is named after the name of the shop, so it is easy for others to remember. The article should be readable, with pictures and give you a good feeling. Once the search engine included, to achieve the purpose of promotion.

fourth is a mass mail. QQ mass is very convenient, as long as it is a group of friends who can receive messages sent. In addition, the use of software to cover a wider range of coverage, but pay a certain cost is inevitable. The fifth is to do SEO soft. According to Taobao keywords to write off some of the recruitment of soft Wen, be included in Baidu, if someone off the Taobao search keywords will click into the soft inside, leaving some contact in the article, you can make the strength of Taobao customers find your shop and a single product.

sixth is set to sell high, high commission to do the baby Taobao customer promotion. In fact, Taobao passenger train search background and principle is the same, if your baby high conversion, high commission, Taobao search in the guest when you can find it quickly, the Taobao smart customer is definitely not let the baby do promotion opportunities for quality. If you push a single product is the purpose of women’s class, just encountered a lot of bad Taobao is doing a good job to promote women’s clothing, and there is an independent website, this time it is easy to push a single product explosion.

the last approach is the most effective and the most complex, that is, through the reverse link to find Taobao. This thought

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