Baidu every day millions of dollars to fight against Putian burning system was bestie both very hurt

Abstract: Baidu why dare to own gold master and break? And why will the Department of Putian and their customers to have the two sides each one sticks to his argument?. For Baidu, the false medical advertising has been questioned in the Baidu business model weakness. Putian’s explanation is that Baidu mantianyaojia.


recently, the war between Putian and Baidu is very eye-catching.

for many people, Putian is a very strange term. But the name Marie Charity Hospital, women’s Hospital, almost everyone Chinese for having heard it many times they are from Putian. Or have you ever had this experience:

when the input some keywords in Baidu, the first screen or the result of the home page, usually not what they want to see, but a hospital, a drug and medical device advertising, which mostly come from Putian Department of operation.

Baidu and Putian honeymoon

the National Health Planning Commission website data show that as of the end of July 2014, the national total of 11830 private hospitals, in the medical industry in Putian reached more than 60 thousand people, the establishment of private hospitals reached more than 8 thousand, accounting for 80% of the total national private hospitals. It is based on the status of Putian, Baidu’s cooperation with Putian had a long honeymoon period.

initially in order to expand the visibility of Putian, mostly through the street advertising, but began in 2009, is located in the first tier cities of Putian Department of the hospital began to promote the introduction of the guests through the Baidu auction. At that time, click on the cost is not high, initially a few cents, two to $three thousand per year.

this cooperation, initially benefited both sides, a big wave of Putian medical institutions, relying on Baidu diversion, earn pours. Medical customers have become the most important gold master Baidu, supporting the rapid development of Baidu.

on Putian’s contribution to Baidu, there are two data worth mentioning:

·, when he was Secretary of the Putian municipal Party committee Liang Jianyong: Baidu 2013 total advertising 26 billion yuan, Putian private hospitals do a $12 billion.

·, President of the Putian chamber of Commerce in Hongkong Weng Guoliang: 2013 Putian private medical group to contribute to Baidu’s revenue of more than 10 billion yuan.

Baidu and Putian in the end why break?

and Baidu why dare to own gold master break? And why will the Department of Putian and their customers to have the two sides each one sticks to his argument?.

Baidu aspects of the explanation is illegal: in March this year, began to increase the intensity of the rectification of illegal medical promotion, Putian Department of a number of medical institutions have been suspected of violating the line.

for Baidu, false medical advertising has been the Baidu business model has been questioned in weakness.


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