Daily topic WeChat blocked wheatgrass is to protect the safety of users is to consider their own int

A5 (www.admin5.com) station network June 3rd news, recently, Microsoft AI Chatbot wheatgrass, wheatgrass just launched soon, it attracted a lot of controversy. May 29th Microsoft intelligent chat robot wheatgrass on-line, June 1st, Tencent cripple wheatgrass account. WeChat official said in a statement received by users broke the news about Microsoft wheatgrass involve user privacy will take action.

Microsoft will be the new intelligent search team chat robot wheatgrass, a former Microsoft products serious business "Uncle" image, dramatic is packaged into "90" Adorable girl. In addition to the intelligent dialogue, Microsoft wheatgrass also reminded both groups, Wikipedia, weather, horoscopes, jokes, traffic guide, dining reviews and other practical skills.

, according to Microsoft, wheatgrass a collection of nearly 700 million Internet users China accumulated over the years all open chats with big data, natural semantic analysis, machine learning and neural networks technology depth, wheatgrass can be intelligent conversation with a member of the WeChat group.

but in the wheatgrass line the same day, the relationship between Microsoft and the Tencent began to become subtle. May 29th to 30, wheatgrass began to appear in some fault, WeChat chat in this regard, Microsoft issued a statement to reporters, on the one hand is because the original plan for 100 thousand wheatgrass account month beta period to prepare, on line on the first day was registered by a space; on the other hand is part of the wheatgrass Tencent WeChat system is mistaken for SPAM (garbage) account.

entered in 2014, WeChat has become the focus of attention of the mobile Internet, WeChat’s entrance has become the focus of each effort. WeChat continues to strengthen the marketing measures to promote ways to cut public numbers, no doubt in order to strengthen the control of WeChat.

reason for the ban wheatgrass, Tencent said the product developed by Microsoft Corp, Tencent Inc and independent Tencent, but received a large number of users asked, worried about the way they operate this product may disclose user chat. Verified by the WeChat team, found that the product involved in the simulation of user operations, induce the user to pull the group, the bulk of the number of registered accounts and other factors affecting the rules of the platform and user experience violations. In order to protect the user experience and security, WeChat team in accordance with the platform specification for the matter".

Microsoft in two days of statement in response to a number of bursts of Tencent. "Tencent in any case not done, suddenly started mass killing in various chat groups among the " " account wheatgrass;. At the same time, there are some obvious is the network hired Navy text, slander, abuse, and wheatgrass " " spreading unfounded " wheatgrass; " invasion of privacy rumor. " small " protect the privacy of the users with the highest level of the user’s information will not be retained in the server and leak >

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