nternet industry to learn to respect the individual registration.CN should not be limited

in just over two months time, CN domain has experienced a roller coaster journey. First teamed up in nine ministries and mobile phone anti vice storm, it is referred to as mobile phone pornography accomplice, the only domestic domain name registration authority China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC), has also been identified as not strictly enforced censorship, objectively to pornographic websites providing convenient conditions. CNNIC had announced that, since December 14, 2009, the user application CN domain name registration, shall submit the written application materials, including the application form the official seal of the domain name registration (original), business license or organization code certificate (copy), a registered contact proof (copy).

this measure has been widely interpreted as stopping personal application for registration of CN domain names, this interpretation is not accurate. Although the practice of individuals has been registered CN domain name, but this registration has never been recognized by the system. Now CNNIC remediation domain name management, but reiterated and strictly enforce the relevant requirements of the existing system only.

so is CNNIC right? No, of course not. At the end of last year, CNNIC was chosen as a domain name rectification "violentdemolition" on the Internet, which is justified. "One of the manifestations of violence" is the year in order to promote the CN domain in China, CNNIC encourages big price war domain name registration. The results of this promotion is amazing: CN domain name registration volume rose rapidly from the millennium to 13 million. But after the CN domain name has formed a large group of individual users, CNNIC has come out to announce, in fact, has not been allowed to register the domain name system, to strictly deal with. No matter what purpose, anyway, CNNIC in the long-term illegal operation, which objectively stifle the vitality of the entrepreneurial network.

and, media reports said, CNNIC is studying the drafting of an individual registration domain name open plan. Although the swing CNNIC policy and confusion so that users still have to wait and see, "said the collection have been confiscated, said open open" will change radically CN domain name reputation caused great impact, but after all, started back on the right track.

CN represents China’s global top-level domain name, is the Chinese logo on the internet. The logo should be for every chinese. Domain name registration should not be used as a control, but should be regarded as a simple arrangement of civil rights. Domain name registration qualifications should not be restricted, so even if there are some problems, it is not unworthy. Moreover, the existing laws and regulations on the registration of the main restrictions too strict, is not conducive to the development of CN domain name system, does not meet the basic characteristics of the internet.

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