United States Mission Wang Huiwen transaction site was over 100 yuan off the cost of the basic will

June 24th news, as a transactional website if the user to obtain the cost of less than 50 dollars, congratulations you will be successful, if a little reluctantly between 50-100, if more than 100 of the basic bankruptcy."


today, in China Internet plus entrepreneurial innovation conference organized million European network, the U.S. group public comment takeaway delivery, senior vice president of business group president Wang Huiwen shared the evolutionary history of O2O, at the same time, in view of the current situation of the capital, he called for entrepreneurs to quickly scale down, reducing the user cost.

King Hui Wen oral, edited by I dark horse:

is now ten years ago, the electricity supplier O2O

very sorry, even open four days strategy, last night to open at twelve points without physical strength to do PPT, please understand. The evolution of O2O billion euros gave me the title of life service providers, this is a proposition, yesterday evening from twelve to three, want in the end how? Since about evolution, the very important point is to make clear what is now in the stage, we didn’t know where the future evolution, where to go?

If a

stage, an analogy might be easier to explain my views on this matter, O2O today is roughly equivalent to the commodity electricity supplier which year, I don’t know what you judge, my judgment is equivalent to the 2005 commodity electricity supplier.

I talk about the situation, the basic B2B industry at the time of war ended, the Alibaba is an independent, ring in the C2C industry Taobao and eBay hit, with U.S. today and hungry fighting the same level, B2C is the Jingdong in 2005 out of the investment to the pen, B2C finally decided to B2C a king of war investment in 2005 has just occurred, dimension of product, jumei.com at that time has not been established, then there is a book in this category in a relatively high status at the time of the dangdang.com B2C boss, in his class has a single large.

today’s O2O industry, the O2O industry is divided roughly what subdivision direction, since the very hot 2010 O2O industry has very important reasons, the first reason is that in the past the traditional business came in 2010, especially in 2012 faced a huge bottleneck, past management method is too extensive, the level of marketing, the channel management level, product level is not keep up with the times, so they encountered a bottleneck, this is the first, supply side problems, Xi said the supply side reform greatly, when the supply side has problems.

is also a mobile phone appearance and popularization of the computer age, compared to many key, this new mobile phone technology has two important attributes, an important attribute is a location attribute second attribute can be pushed, there are third important implementation related to personal, it is difficult to know in in the era of computer.

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