CNNC cancel the domain name registration application form for the domain name system is still the p

CNNIC recently issued a notice to the Registrar, the notice requires registration for the 9 April 19, 2010 after the registration of the domestic domain name is no longer submitted to the domain name registration application form.

it is understood that, in April 19, 2010 for 9 years after the registration of the domain name will not be submitted to the domain name registration application form, but still need to submit the name of the domain name registration.CN.

user submitted domain name registration information:

1, contact ID (


2, the organization code certificate (scanning), no code card can be submitted to the enterprise business license copy (scanning);

note: the code must be provided by the unit organization code certificate.

in December 14, 2009, CNNIC provides that all new domain names must be submitted to submit written application documents for review.

The simplified

registration process, the main is to cancel the past every user to register a domain name need to submit a registration form, a new notification reflects a verification, repeated application of the principle of real data still need for domain name registration, from this notice can be seen,.CN domain name system is a long-term work, in the premise of guarantee the domain name system,.CN domain will gradually to simplify the registration procedures.

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