Do not do fast turtle slow nternet slow company, the survival of the road

stressed that the only fast break the Internet sector, if a Internet Co has gone through five years has not yet listed, no matter how it seems to be a little slow in.

Author: Wang Yue Kai

in the current Internet community there are a number of such companies, most of them have gone through seven or eight years, but not the second to none, but also live Youziyouwei, looked rather tepid in the Internet sector is raging like a storm". This is one of the typical such as a full range of children’s literature, and play music watercress inclusive public comment.


what is slow company

maybe people realize "slow company" is from "fast" to counter attack.

was first known as the concept of "slow company" is like watercress, has called for the company is slow because the bean "put the product in the hands of the office of their free growth, not a deliberate ripening" operation mode. In addition to the operation mode of the "natural", it seems that the "slow company" did not know how to create hot spots and eye-catching or take the concept of the thing, I remember in April 2011, the public comment received $one hundred million in the third round of financing environment is generally the case of cold financing, though they are only in the company in a meeting room to open the conference.

when talking about "slow company" this issue will have "the emperor is not urgent eunuchs anxious feelings, it seems that in the eyes of many of the so-called" slow company "their founder does not deliberately pursue the company’s development speed, and more willing to in their own areas to enjoy this seemingly very intensive and meticulous farming. The complex growth process, the gradual transformation of jane. Do they really don’t want to make a profit, three years IPO?. But "fast" should pay attention to the situation, not because of the blind pursuit of speed and a loss, if the way can actually be counterproductive, just like a year ago staged a thousand group war when crazy.

"fast" is the only path to success?

as a rapidly changing Internet Co, many successful cases of fast company Qihoo 360, Facebook, Youku, Zynga, this is one of the typical representative, even YAHOO has had a record of one year after its establishment that is listed on the Internet myth. Compared with the slow company, these companies are mostly found suitable for their own development of the business model, and then rely on the capital drive and good market operation, the ultimate success of IPO, which is a typical growth path of Internet Co.

so fast is the only path to success? Perhaps, like watercress as a "slow" meaning is to let Chinese internet keep a rare but also the greatest mode – through absolute focus on products and users experience and continuous improvement, can grow a great company, this great by >

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