Want to easily make money to see the webmaster, you may be a little inspiration

business people are very smart, this concept is buried in our hearts for a long time, do not dare to think how to make money. But are they really that smart? No, they are the most stupid kind of people, they are always cheated after they will not be fooled, only to see others cheated themselves do not step on the pit.

network from abroad, foreign enterprises may already know the network, but in Chinese not so impressive, they may only know in Alibaba mixed some money, have their own web site may not be so understanding, there are also the majority of the site just a decoration, it may ask why I am so sure.
here for everyone to talk about a few stupid boss I met. I like this person to study some of the optimization, of course, for the owners may be nothing, but for those ignorant boss may be a myth. It is very clear that I remember to do a website to a company (at that time it was decided that 4000 pieces of Web site production and promotion) NND said he did not expect such a stupid fool. A week later, he asked me about the progress of the site, whether or not to go up.

I said to him: "you search your company name in Baidu you see is not only your family and in the first row, I use a let Baidu only charge you a, so your competitiveness is not, this technology is very strong, the next step will be for me a the product in the optimization, so if others search tool you can row up".

he looked wow, ah, ah, ah, really in the first ah. Needless to say, I immediately put the obligation to call you, the first half of the call to you, that half of the time to wait for you again, I have to look at the instability, and some will soon go down the

sin ah, cheated a such an ignorant guy. (NND should be closed at 100th degrees). We think about the network on a web site may not be ranked first? The problem is so naive that most companies do not know, a big loophole to make money ah.

not only on this one, I have met a lot of home, said is do website is actually get ready to set up ah, and then point the station will be a small move up a bit, to let him start appearing on the line in Baidu webmaster heart (but not too dark, since take someone else’s money to give people up, otherwise it will break their posterior, GOOGLE, at the same time we should also get together, most enterprises still use GOOGLE search). Then you can go to the bank to withdraw money.

I these days in the finishing train of thought to talk with you about how to make money easily:

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personal declaration: the poor owners of the second to make money like

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