Why online education 51Talk can let Xu Xiaoping and Lei Jun investment

Why online education

51Talk can let Xu Xiaoping and Lei Jun investment

online education industry is becoming a gold mine, triggering capital into the game. According to the statistics of the Qing Branch of private statistics show that since 2013, more than a year, China’s online education in the field of investment in a total of 25 cases, the total amount of investment of about $197 million disclosure.

November 2011, 51Talk officially launched, a year after the end of 2012, the company received DCM millions of dollars A round of investment in 2013, and completed B $12 million round of financing, including millet CEO Lei Jun Shun is the lead investor of venture capital fund. Up to now, 51Talk publicly disclosed the amount of financing reached nearly $20 million.

is worth mentioning, because hot online education, in addition to being Lei phase at home and abroad, the education industry veteran, founder of New Oriental Xu Xiaoping 3 years ago saw the potential of the 51Talk, and become the company’s angel investors.

in May this year, with the success of jumei.com cosmetics market, Xu Xiaoping has won 600 times return when the $380 thousand angel investment in 4 years. Today, Xu Xiaoping can create a similar success in the field of online education, which takes time to verify.

through the tent of meeting, re allocation of online education of the traditional thinking of the Internet charging mode and the impact of the value of the interests of the chain, it is 51Talk to capture Xu Xiaoping and Lei Jun investment really because of heart.

line under the English training institutions sick 51Talk drug

The importance of

English to Chinese needless to say, from the beginning of high school exam oriented education to university level 46, and then to study abroad and translation and oral English is the most practical occupation. In 2011, English training institutions of Wall Street English, EF education line with a huge user needs to earn pours.

However, these

line agencies and hundreds of one-on-one English courses, on behalf of the elite education is the exclusive nouveau riche of popular grass root population to its price of raspberry.

in addition, these lines of English training institutions threshold is too high, people do not have enough self-control to adhere to the school on time. In reality, similar to the lack of teachers about the curriculum, teaching quality problems, it is difficult to reach the public propaganda and commitment to teaching effect and other complaints staged. Finally, because consumers are vulnerable groups, costs have been paid, most can only swallow.

"line of English training institutions is sick!" said 51Talk founder Huang Jiajia, is to see the characteristics of users, 51Talk homeopathy launched an online English training of the drug, abandoned the "aristocratic" change to go the civilian English training route to resolve the trouble of learning english. 51Talk also known as worry free English, it is based on the solution to the user’s oral English sad named.

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