Hunan Telecom iPhone7 has been crazy to drop 1000 yuan, no need to wait for the double hard and so o

you are still waiting for the double 11, journeying favor love


if you wait until that day, the price of the goods is still waiting for this all to maintain the original price;

if you wait until that day, you look forward to the discounted goods and you still have an awkward distance;

if you wait until that day, businesses just crafty and you play a price rise and fall issue;

don’t party!

You have

good price discount on the road may have been waiting for you to

iPhone7 came out, the parties will eat soil powder maishen shouting slogans, rushed to the store merchants collective heights, however, the price is 7 more playfully love ruthless will face a group of loyal fans played loud pops.

phone is good, the price is too high, what solution? Price is also!

then, and a group of loyal fans began to wait, wait for.

at the moment, came to Hunan Telecom with good news to make friends on the wild with joy.

Iphone7 price down!!!!!

iPhone7, for the love of it, you pay 1000 yuan crazy!!

key is 0 down payment, 0 interest, and a 0 fee!!

at the moment, whether you have already lost by the heart to fly jiuxiao heart flew to the telecom business


optimistic about the activities and then start:

October 1st, new and old customers in the process of the new network Tianyi mobile phone, through online verification of national credit system, credit degree enjoy subsidies. IPhone7, HUAWEI, oppo, vivo and other brand mobile phone line 4G straight down Huimin, telecom full Netcom, good signal, low price, more half free play, 0 yuan purchase, replacement, payment of various optional preferential purchase mode.

hard to find love in 7, the price of Hunan telecom business hall, take ID card, go to