Teach you 10 sites to promote tips

don’t thank me! Gold network is the holy land, is anyone here Niwa marsh, rich, there are people because it’s here come down in the world, Internet is facing dilemma today, I think we all know, the impact of this field at the end of the economic crisis on the Internet directly affect our lives, but we are unbeatable, hope we can work together through this winter, the winter of the internet.

1, in-depth understanding of the site

on their own website to fully understand, so as to maximize the effectiveness of the promotion. If you want to understand the positioning of the site, the characteristics of the column structure, the advantages of the content, the characteristics of the module; to be familiar with the various channels of IP, PV, website user behavior data.

2, for the same type of website have certain understanding

is not only to understand themselves, just behind closed doors; to achieve baizhanbudai, also do Zhiyizhibi line. For us to focus on understanding the way to promote competition: the good experience of our reference; its failure place to avoid repeating; the most important thing is to avoid in the promotion process, conflict with the.

3, into the Internet users

for the target user population must pay more attention to research, our marketing work is the ultimate goal?. The target population’s age, behavior characteristics, preferences, often go to the site, like the content of the content to understand; not only for the target population, for the existing product users to understand. For example, they are aware of this product through what channels; to come here mainly want to get what; like those of our services; for the loss of the user, what is the reason to leave, etc..

4, SEO must know

for SEO, it is generally accepted as a means of promotion, but personally think that SEO can be proposed to promote the existence of parallel. Because if SEO do in place, its price is definitely a hundred times the traditional way of promotion, a thousand times. So the conditions permit, we must understand, learn SEO, in the promotion of the infiltration of SEO optimization awareness, so that the promotion and SEO combination.

here is an example: such as Links, quite a few people believe that Links is mainly the PR value increase. In fact, in addition, he also increased the role of the chain, after all he is a SEO chain in the form of. Of course, know that there are a lot of friends, but the key question is how to do the link, in order to truly achieve the effect of SEO, this is what we need to study the. I had an education class a station, only through the Links way, it will be the main keyword (not popular keyword) in all search engines, optimization of the first (occasionally second), the Sohu the gateway station behind, but the object is only some Links small website. This station was in the absence of any other way to promote the case, more than four months to achieve the ranking >

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