nterview baby tree CEO Wang Huainan maternal and child industry or will experience three stages of


baby tree king CEO Sina Technology Huainan camera Sina Technology Lee from Yabuli

ten years will change a lot of things, Wang Huainan is a changed.

ten years ago, he was named Google for the localization of "Google", Li Kaifu is the president of Google Greater China’s right-hand man. But ten years later, he went to talk about the topic cannot do without the "mother" and "family".

many public occasions, the baby tree founder and CEO was introduced as the most understanding of Chinese family man".

in 2017 China Yabuli entrepreneurs forum site, Wang Huainan accepted Sina interview, he said that now has more than 200 million monthly visits and he founded the community platform, the baby tree in three years to upgrade three times, has become the largest family China traffic entrance platform.

about the family flow entrance platform from scratch, the flow of dividends to the trend of the new normal two-child policy brings, and new changes in the new trend in the retail electricity supplier mother, baby tree CEO Wang Huainan in the interview to answer one by one.

of course, Wang Huainan also revealed that ten years of grinding sword behind the "ambition", about the family flow entrance platform of the future where to go, and there will be what he thinks generational extension, more tools, community and business so simple, financial education?? Club Community? Why is a vertical tool capable of leveraging more in the broader market in ten years, Wang Huainan tells the logic behind?.

It is worth mentioning that, in the last year, the removal of the VIE architecture and the completion of a new round of about 3000000000 Yuan financing, Wang Huainan bluntly said: Yes, our goal is clear, is to complete the IPO in the domestic market,


on the maternal and infant industry before and ongoing changes, baby tree CEO Wang Huainan said:

sina science and technology: are talking about the second half, the flow of dividends on the role of the mother and child industry?

Wang Huainan: actually the flow of dividends from two aspects, the first is Chinese, population second, Chinese population inside the Internet, or a smart mobile phone ratio, the ratio of the two as China maternal population, you look carefully, from the ten year perspective is also rising.

second ratio, from about 50% a few rose to about 75%, that is every 100 mom, was less than half of the people are holding the mobile Internet devices, today is almost 3/4 people are holding the mobile Internet device, of course, go up the space is not so big.

The first

is actually very difficult to move, that is to say the annual birth rate, but two-child policy came out, can really see, go up in the population. China’s birth rate does not know whether you know or not, about 1700 – 18 million newborns, India’s birth rate is 250>

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