Yooee P2P net to floor empty tens of millions of investors capital depth quilt

on Friday, Hongkong Yifeng International Group investment and Development Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Yifeng") a statement of claim, make its P2P platform excellent and easy network (full name "Nantong Youyi Electronic Technology Co., Ltd") suddenly "stop", the website can not be normal trading, the person in charge of three on the same day lost contact so far, unaccounted for. The investor has invested more than 2000 funds quilt.

as of December 24th, according to the net loan home, net loan eye and three party P2P information platform to incomplete statistics, since the excellent and easy network from August this year officially launched, the total turnover of approximately 71 million 160 thousand; the non repayment items 95 pen, totaling 20 million 226 thousand yuan.

net loan home and a number of investors told this newspaper that the third party payment institutions in China have frozen its website to pay treasure account, but "excellent Yiwang country to pay treasure account for only more than 10 thousand, should be 21 day recharge". Another third party payment ring fast payment frozen capital unknown.

Some investors to yooee network

weekend registered in Nantong city report, and to the location of the company, "found empty. Currently involved in the statistics to 64 investors." In December 24th, the website quilt 200 thousand Mr. Chen said in an interview, the investor activist group has set up a solution.

net investment model: investors paid by the third party (the country pay treasure, IPS) and Nantong Gangzha branch of ICBC will invest money into yooee net account, beat the subject after the completion of the loan by the excellent and easy network call the borrower. "But we suspect that there is no later step, the site is likely to fictional projects, by the new old." These sources said.

true and false shareholders

December 21st, Yifeng group said in a statement, Yifeng’s members never have the so-called Nantong yooee Electronic Technology Co., Ltd., at the same time, the Group retains the illegal units of counterfeit or misappropriation of the name of the group and individuals to take legal action, the right to pursue its legal responsibility.

"after the announcement, we have gone to the lawyer’s letter. Ask for a public apology and eliminate the impact." 24, Yifeng group office within the territory of a insiders told this newspaper that, but how to deal with post, are still studying the group, "temporarily disclose".

in September 26th, which claimed to be Yifeng group’s network investment and financing platform yooee network, announced, has been with Zhejiang juhao Investment Development Corporation shares reached the intention, will be the introduction of new shareholders.

and "Yifeng and Zhejiang juhao does have a relationship, the Yifeng admitted that juhao also issued the same statement. But it has repeatedly stressed that the two companies and websites have no connection with "recently received calls from investors asked whether we are excellent and easy network shareholders, know the company name to be fraudulent, immediately issued a notice".

from investors saying it is not the same person in charge should be loyal, Wang Yongguang are named Samuel >

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