Vice President Ali Liu Chunning was arrested for transmission in the Tencent during the old club was

Liu Chunning, vice president of Alibaba

sina science and technology news July 9th evening news, according to informed sources, Liu Chunning, vice president of Alibaba group was taken away by the police in Shenzhen in June 22nd.

Liu Chunning in 2013 8 month post Ali, in charge of the digital entertainment division, now serves as executive director of Ali pictures.

it is reported that Liu Chunning had ten years working in a Tencent, the Tencent Inc in 2005 served as the general manager of strategic development department, assist the company leadership of the company in the highest long-term strategic planning and implementation and management of each department of the company business and resource coordination, and raise the reserve talents for the company senior management training. Since then, Liu Chunning Ma Huateng has also served as assistant to the president and other staff, Ma Huateng is regarded as a former love and confidant. Liu Chunning left Tencent in July 2013.

, according to informed sources, Liu Chunning was taken away by commercial bribery during its inaugural Tencent, said the cause is from the Tencent report. (munan)

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