New Adsense website mode selection gold standard

SEO career development to now, has several generations. From the beginning of the primary stage of fumbling around rebuffed everywhere, the traditional stage to play the leading role in the development of website promotion, until now, has entered a new stage of site quality as the core of the contest. SEO market after years of development, has to mature, especially in recent years, because of the power of the network by the public attention, the SEO market has suddenly absorbed a lot of new. But the couple want to base on the SEO market, with a pioneering spirit is not enough. Early SEO career, such as Alibaba, Dangdang, etc., have become bigger and stronger, and they want to compete is difficult. So, the new owners to enter the SEO market, how should the "Huiyanshizhu", to find a suitable site


innovative ideas, conform to no conventional pattern

new Adsense compared to the old webmaster, experience in the network, almost can be said to have no advantage. Although a lot of new people is the master of the door, but in the end, the practice of relying on personal". The new station will naturally come up with their own strengths and weaknesses. So what are the strengths of the new person, that is, the idea of innovation and no rigid thinking. The new owners have just joined the line, although the lack of experience, but also does not exist into the quagmire of empiricism quagmire. Many new owners have not yet fully SEOER, a lot of thinking or consumer thinking, it is this way to bring fresh air to the site, to recruit the first batch of loyal users. For example, the earliest development. 100, just a small website simple, not even made most of the sites look very simple and clear. But it is precisely such a site, the site has become the hottest Chinese joke. Can be seen, sometimes more complex than the simple innovation, the importance of innovation can be seen.

another way, Zoupian Jian Feng

Diamond cuts diamond., is "a middle course" Chinese most want to see the scene. The network business is business, naturally there will be competition, but the new station, on the experience of contacts, which can match the old webmaster and Taobao? This marketing model is profitable, but now has an independent personal website dares to challenge Alibaba want a piece? The couple had no strong capital base, experience is not enough so, the best is to avoid popular websites, choose some small, competitiveness is not strong, will it be possible to make good website.

good reference to international standards,

China has been teased as cottage big country, of course, the site can be copied, but to the level of cottage, cottage out of their own characteristics. In fact, due to China’s Internet regulation, a lot of domestic people are very little understanding of foreign things, so foreign things, often can be the source of our innovation. China’s good voice is not a recent demonstration of this point, China is a good voice from the United States The Voice, and even the United States The Voice is not original, but from the voice of the United kingdom. The original is good, but

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