4 million 500 thousand beautiful golden data.com buyers exposure

It is reported that in the days before

, overseas UBM PLc company announced the first half of 2011 financial report, one of 4 million 500 thousand dollars to sell domain Data.com information, the domain name for Salesforce.com buyers, the current domain has been buyer station use.

Data.com domain name data meaning, also can be regarded as "large" Pinyin domain name, the domain name transactions completed in June this year, when the domain name and domain name buyers use is unknown, until recently the domain name domain name enabled buyers, the exposure of the identity, domain name information has changed its associated current site as a cloud data platform.

other buyers understand social domain Social.com earlier to $2 million 600 thousand changed hands for Salesforce.com, previously there have been rumors of Data.com domain name transaction price will be higher than the Social.com domain name, the domain name Data.com this data transaction price exposure, confirmed earlier news rumors, the Social.com domain name has not been enabled, the speculation, the domain name may be applied to the social networking platform.

domain name has now become a valuable asset of enterprises, enterprises will also be included in the financial report of the domain name, with more and more attention to the enterprise domain name, the domain name will enhance the status of the future, enterprises and users as domain name acquisition assets and application case will increase.

Salesforce.com company was founded in March 1999, is a customer relationship management (CRM) software service provider, customer relationship management can provide on-demand applications (On-demandCRM), which allows customers and independent software vendors and custom integration, its products, and establish their own desired application software.

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