Social electricity supplier recommended platform Wikets financing $1 million 500 thousand

social sharing electricity supplier company Wikets recently announced the completion of $1 million 500 thousand seed round of financing, investors include Andreessen Horowitz, Battery Ventures and other 6 Angel investors. Co founder and chief executive officer Andy Park said that the money will be used to hire more employees, as well as actively preparing for the company’s application iPhone.

Wikets did not give a detailed description, the company is still trying to complete its App finishing work to achieve its goal of on-line in October. However, given a brief description of the company, Wikets App will be a game of the recommendation system, some similar to Yelp. Between friends recommend their favorite items or locations, and to get the reward. However, the core concept of Wikets is not just around the electricity supplier product recommendation, it also supports the recommendation of product matching, allowing users to find like-minded friends.

, though, social networking is becoming a source of considerable trust. Users have become more accustomed to getting the best advice from the recommended engine of complex matching algorithms. But on the whole, we are still the most trusted friends and relatives from the side to hear the recommendation. The reason is very simple, because everyone knows, trust each other. It is observed that this phenomenon, Park will be positioned in the core of their friends on App, users get high quality recommendations from friends, and through their recommendations to find more friends. At the same time, Wikets provides incentives to encourage users to actively recommend to friends. Once a user has taken the advice of his friend, both sides will receive a reward. Users accumulate enough points, you can change the corresponding real products, such as gift cards and the like.


In order to prevent the

App into a mobile photo sharing book, Wikets will cooperate with retailers to launch a large number of detailed and highly available in the database. Allows users to easily get the details of the recommended items at the same time, the focus will be on the recommendation of goods or locations, rather than taking pictures and upload pictures. In order to increase the interaction of App and the credibility of the proposal, Wikets allows direct communication between friends, share their preferences, or subscribe to the latest recommendation by e-mail, etc..

Wikets iPhone will be available as a free software, the company will continue to develop iPad version and Android version of the App. Although the company has not yet determined its specific profit model, but the overall model, its earnings are likely to be derived from the actual transaction in the introduction of the division. At the same time, Wikets platform model for the same attractive brand. It can become an important platform for the brand to find, contact and influence consumers. >

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