Community or fiction the eight principles of profit

      design a web site, the webmaster are most concerned about is "who to play, earn money". This year, a large number of sites are making Baidu Union, Google union money, and then do a little mobile phone article. Advertising that is simply "thirty hits a rabbit", it does not have it new year. Anyway, the site of the threshold is not high.

      small and medium-sized professional website, industry website, website function with a sort of dream is to be sold to a certain extent, a server and a group of users to the carrier sites have become a multi millionaire overnight billionaire. A bigger ambition is like looking at the stars in the sky overlooking the nasdaq.

      more sites are starting to look at the angel, venture capitalists in the pockets, as long as the money in the circle to eat and drink, eat and drink in the pursuit of development, after all, survival is important.

      all this is normal, because everyone is doing it. Although the probability is not large, but do not engage in such a mess. The key question is not how to do this, but how to do it. That is, to return to the original idea: let who play, earn money.

      I believe that every site is very good to answer these two questions, or he would not engage in the site, even if it is more fun than heterosexual.

      the question is: who and who, how to make them.

      when nonsense research sites, summed up a few rules (the bloody rule), out of my offer.

      the site has two basic modes: fight and rolling development.

      high high needless to say, big investment, big action, big website, the last is not able to output does not matter, as long as the big enough, always through the profit before winter until spring. For example: ma. Resourceful in the capital market, as the industry leader, not anxious to make money. Tens of millions of dollars to drop down, needless to say it is the website, hit a rock, also can hit gold. Such sites do not plan, have the ability to get a lot of money have the ability to flicker big. This is not the problem of Internet planning, just need to pinpoint the location of the site is enough.

      2 more than two years, all think this is a bubble, but if tens of millions of dollars hit a BBS based community, can still make today, Baidu skyline, community stand aside.

      really need to spend effort >

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