Shanghai cracked more than 70 billion online gambling case involving more than 20 foreign gambling s

According to Xinhua News Agency

gambling Gang through the erection of special outside the server to build the network platform for unified management, involving more than 20 well-known offshore gambling sites account statements, more than half the time involved in gambling totaled about 70000000000 yuan. 1 am, Shanghai police held a press conference to disclose the relevant circumstances of the case of large online gambling.

it is understood that in April of this year, Shanghai police found a network of gambling gangs on the Internet to recruit members to participate in online gambling, gambling and other online gambling activities, and obtain huge benefits.

Shanghai Municipal Public Security Bureau quickly set up a task force, after 3 months of careful investigation, and finally find out the structure of the criminal gang gambling network crimes, and successfully mastered the important clues to the main Shou Gang members frequently log on a suspicious site outside.


preliminary police verification, the total betting gambling Gang cumulative amount reached more than 700 yuan.

July 11th, Shanghai police to carry out unified arrests, in one fell swoop to life involved led by a more than 50 people, and seized gambling more than 300 yuan, the freezing of funds more than 1000 yuan, detained the computer, mobile storage media more than 60 books, 10 books, and seized marijuana, methamphetamine, knives etc. number of contraband. The case is so far the highest level of gambling agents within the city of Shanghai, the largest amount of gambling online gambling cases.

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