From 114 open source analysis of the promotion of the transformation

June 26th famous site navigation station 114 announced the open source, and provide download. This thing can be described as a circle in the head of a thousand waves, causing widespread concern and hot debate. Many owners also quickly download the source installation attempt. 114 open source for the future development of the site navigation will be of great significance. Do as 114 La open source announcement said, which hit those who imitate 114 La selling source program copycat piracy, and to release free open source software that want to do site navigation station to benefit from. But the stationmaster net that a satisfied after hao123265 and other well-known navigation station 114, never completely out of the spirit of selfless dedication to open the program source code, to help competitors development. Therefore, there is a deeper meaning behind the 114 open source, greater ambition.

starts with the development and promotion of 114. Most people know it is because the 114 XP ylmf in IE default settings for the home 114. Have to say that it is really strong. 114, rely on the market share and the powerful ylmf ylmf forum team and won a good reputation among the countless traffic. Has a strong technical team, and with the market share of the software to promote the site, coupled with the team behind the initiative to join the cause of public welfare, the reputation of the effect, 114 to be able to have today’s achievements. Then, the quiet, quick action, beyond all expectations open source action is what it means? The author thinks that with the years of continuous development of Web site navigation, greatly small site navigation station emerge in an endless stream, unprecedented fierce market competition, there are more than hao123265 before to the height, after the station launched chase. Plus Microsoft to increase the strength of XP to combat piracy, ylmf stopped making third party xp. 114 it is facing unprecedented competitive pressure. We all know that the site navigation station if only relying on the search engine to bring the flow is difficult to survive, and rely on a variety of promotion to accumulate reputation and the user experience of the site to improve user viscosity. Therefore, in the case of the old mode of illegal continuation of the old, there are now 114 open source event.

114 open source does make a certain degree of benefit to the webmaster, but the benefits are limited. A large number of funds through years of technology, human input developed website cannot completely unreserved open their source, even if it is open, it can also explain this sacrifice will bring higher returns, it is a testament to the old saying: "children can’t set the wolf", 114 it is reluctant to change to traffic source". Open source is a way of sharing, it is also a 114 promotion, is also a kind of self hype, it is the 114 change hindered the promotion for the old after, following the analysis of the effect brought about this change strategy on the promotion.

first cracked down on pirated source programs and expanded its influence. Do now >

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